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Are you ready to step into your responsibility?

Then join HeadsHigh!
The Network for Empowerment and Social Impact via embracing Leadership, Human Entrepreneurship und Conscious Spending

What does HeadsHigh! stand for?
The 💎 symbolizes the strength and beauty of all humans. The slipped 👑 symbolizes all those situations in life when our crown has slipped and we need to lift our chin, hold our head high and face the challenge.

Our WHY what we believe in
We believe that our 🌍 only can become a safe and happy place for everyone if every single person has a chance to develop their full potential and feel pride in who they are. And we believe it is the responsibility of all of us to make this happen💯

HeadsHigh! is our way to step into this responsibility and we invite you to join us - as leaders, as enterprises, as community, as individuals, as people who believe that they as everybody else have the right to hold their HeadsHigh! and want to support themselves and others in doing so.

Would you like to know more about HeadsHigh! ?
• Would you like to know more about individuals and organizations already step into this responsibility?
• Would you like to know more about how you can make a difference yourself and bring yourself in - your ideas, your initiatives and your actions?
• Are you interested in tips on empowering leadership and empowering questions?

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• Come back here regularly to ThePowerTo News ;)
• And don’t miss the going live of the HeadsHigh! Webpage on July 2nd 2020 under

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Hello Ladies and lovers of beautiful bags: Ready to treat yourself while generating social impact?

Then look forward to the 1st HeadsHigh!-cooperation:
Handmade Business Bags for Social Impact

The result:
Handmade business leather bags with some special details, designed by me, prototypes crafted in Starnberg by Alexandra Neger (www.alexandraneger) out of German bio-leather.

The social impact:
As with every HeadsHigh!-cooperation-project we’ll donate 10% to charity and will commission social and local workshops with the production in order to support right here where where we live to soften the impact corona has on small and social enterprises.

Where to buy:
Give us a couple of more weeks, we are just setting up the online shop. And if you know any local stores and brands who share our mission – please connect us :0:

PS: The Photo was taken by the wonderful Munich photographer Caroline Floritz ( - Copyright: Caroline Floritz

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Book tipp for your bedside table

Did you know that Ghandi wrote to Hitler trying to prevent the World War II? Did you know that someone connected to the FBI sent an anonymous threatening letter to Martin Luther King insinuating that suicide would be a good option for him?

Have you ever wondered, what people that have touched and empowered thousands or even millions of lives really though and felt? Which thoughts or encounters did lead them to action? Then you should put this book on your bed-side table: ‘Letters of Note’, a collection of over a hundred of the world’s most entertaining and inspiring letters.

One of those letters ✉️ that left the deepest impact on me: 🎼Ludwig van Beethoven’s unbelievable touching letter to his brothers explaining why he often behaved a difficult as he did.

To those of you who already read some ‘Letters of Note’ (or will in the future):

Which one left the biggest impact on you, and why?💡

Interested in more empowering book tipps? We’ll keep you posted and would love if you as well shared your tipps with us.

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Time to return to the office – or not?

How do you prepare the transfer from ‘Corona-induced home-office for everybody’ to your company specific transitional solution? What will this solution look like? Which questions do you search answers to – apart from official regulations, health-risks and strategic decisions?

Some worth thinking about with your colleagues are:

  • - Which changes/situations did the lockdown-experience initiate that we would like to preserve for the future – or make sure that they never happen again? How can and will we do that?
  • - In which way has the way we take responsibilities and decisions changed in the last weeks? Who feels he has ‘won’ something? Who has felt they ‘lost’ something? How can we bring those perspectives together?
  • - In which way has the way we communicate, and its content changed?
  • - What does this mean for our collaboration a future that is unpredictable (e.g. will there be other waves?)
  • - What is your personal situation like right now? What implications does this have for your work, e.g. returning to the office?
  • - What 'price' have you personally paid the last weeks and what have you gained?

Which questions do you ask right now? #transformation #leadership #thepowertoempower #beatcorona

ThePowerToEmpowerTipp of the week: Create a Jar of Accomplishments 

Don’t let the Corona-Depression win: Now more than ever it is important to make yourself aware of what you accomplish every day - despite lockdown, home-office, home-schooling, family-chaos or loneliness. Take action. 

The trick: 

Create a Jar of Accomplishments:
  1. 1. Choose a pretty jar
  2. 2. Label it with ‘my accomplishments’
  3. 3. Place the jar where you see it every day
  4. 4. Choose a period of time, say, one week, or one month
  5. 5. Now: Every time you accomplish something that is related to your goals, projects or improving yourself, write it on a paper – no matter how tiny it might seem
  6. 6. Put the paper in the jar
  7. 7. After the set period of time: Open the jar
  8. 8. Read and reflect on your accomplishments
  9. 9. Celebrate yourself!

PS:   If you haven’t any accomplishments collected after one week:
        - Take every morning 5 min thinking about what you can accomplish that day
        - Take every evening 5 min to reflect in which way you did. Note minimum one achievment 
PPS: If you still have nothing to write down, ask your family, friends or colleagues to tell you little things that you have accomplished. Start with writing those down
PPPS: By the way: This counts as an accomplishment by itself as well

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ThePowerToEmpower - Weck Dein Potenzial-Paket

#BeatCorona #WirBleibenZuhause

Viele von uns erkunden gerade den 24/7 Home Office-Alltag und offenbaren so manche Seite an uns, von der wir lieber nicht gewusst hätten, dass es sie gibt. Und diejenigen von uns, die in die Arbeit müssen (oder dürfen), denen geht es in all dem Stress auch nicht anders. Aber warum ist das so?

Warum verhalten wir uns so, wie wir es tun? Warum werden unsere Stärken und Schwächen in Ausnahmesituationen extremer? Und warum fällt es uns so schwer, unser Verhalten zu ändern, selbst wenn wir es wollen? Und warum saugt uns manchmal der Alltag einfach nur noch Kraft und Energie?
Antworten bieten hier Verhaltenspräferenz-Analysen.

Klingt erstmal seltsam? Vielleicht auch unangenehm? Sollte es aber nicht. Solche Analysen bieten eine detaillierte Basis, um uns selbst kennenzulernen. So können wir Potenziale erkennen und entwickeln, unsere Energieräuber und Stress-Geister identifizieren und „in Schach halten“ lernen. Letzteres ist aktuell in Ausnahme-situationen/ Krisen-Zeiten besonders wichtig.

Anders als bei einer Leistungsbeurteilung lenken Verhaltenspräferenz-Analysen unseren Blick nicht nur auf den Ist-Zustand, sondern auch auf das was uns grundsätzlich leichtfällt und unsere Stärken ausmacht sowie auf das was uns Energie rauben kann, wenn wir nicht aufpassen. Wir erkennen neue Möglichkeiten.

Interesse geweckt? Warum nicht die #WirBleibenZuhause Zeit nutzen und dich mit dem „ThePowerToEmpower - Weck Dein Potenzial-Paket“ besser kennen lernen – und gleichzeitig etwas Gutes tun? Extra von Helen Scheithauer ( und Stephanie Schmelcher-Mändle als erfahrene Coaches konzipiert:

Das „ThePowerToEmpower - Weck Dein Potenzial-Paket“

1. Eine individuelle Verhaltenspräferenzanalyse

- Variante 1: INSIGHTS MDI® Verhaltensanalyse (incl. ca. 20seitige Analyse)
- Variante 2: Innere Antreiber Test (incl. Erläuterung zu Antreibern des Testergebnisses)

2. Eine 90minütiges Online-Einzel-Coaching zur Erarbeitung eines persönlichen „Actionplans“ (z.B. Motto: Was hilft mir in meiner jetzigen Situation am besten?)

3. Die Teilnahme an einem zweistündigen „Meine Potenziale wecken“ Online-Workshop um gemeinsam an konkreten Fragestellungen rund um Kommunikation und Verhalten zu arbeiten.

Paket-Preis: Variante 1: 490,- incl. MwSt*
Variante 2: 240,- incl MwSt*

* incl. 5% Spende an den Nothilfefonds-Freiberufliche MusikerInnen der #DeutschenOrchesterStiftung