The Power To...

'The Power To' – WHY - Why we do what we do

The Power To symbolises the trust that every single one of us is born with 'The Power To' lead a happy and fulfilled life and to enable others to do the same – in private and work life. But somehow in growing up most of us get distracted along the way and lose contact to and appreciation of who we really are. This is why we all need once in a while someone who reminds us of this power, who helps us to discover new possibilities, find new ways and understand why certain events occur during our journey and others not. What we understand we can change – if we want to. Sometimes this certain someone needs to be someone we already know and have learnt to trust over the years. Sometimes this someone needs to be someone new, someone who will neither judge nor take our decisions for us, who is benevolent and open minded and adept– like us, the team from ‘The Power To’

'The Power To' – HOW - How we do what we do

We love and believe in storytelling. A long time before Stephanie became a business consultant and coach she told stories as a journalist, author and director about inevitable change, inner strength, friendship and solidary. Daniela has spent her whole career opening children’s and grown-ups’ minds with stories and music. We are convinced that an optimum training or coaching environment not only has to activate head and heart by content and methods but also to take coachees and participants on an exciting learning journey, starting with each one the moment they enter the room. Whenever possible we use location, timing and rhythm to enrich this journey and to anchor presented and self-elaborated content with lasting shared memories.

'The Power To' – WHAT - What we do

We support people, teams and organizations to find their personal answers and solutions to their individual challenges. Answers and solutions that enable them to grow and transform not as a goal, but as a second nature. More infos under expertise