About Us

We believe that everyone of us has the power to make a difference. We cannot prevent exercising it. Therefore, we’ve decided to embrace it – hopefully in a positive way.
based on Simon Sinek


‘ThePowerTo’ - WHY we do what we do
ThePowerTo symbolizes the believe that every single one of us is born with the compass and the power to lead a life that is happy, meaningful, fulfilling and makes a difference – both, in private and work. But somehow in growing up and adjusting to societal expectations we get distracted and lose touch with what is important to us. This is why we all need once in a while someone who supports us in rediscovering this compass und power. Someone who helps us in discovering new gateways, in building bridges to other viewpoints, and acting as catalyst for change and growth. What we see and understand we can change – if we want to. There are circumstances in which we can rely on someone we already know and have learnt to trust over the years. There are other situations where it takes someone new, someone who will neither judge nor take the decisions for us, who is benevolent and open minded and adept– like us, the team from ‘ThePowerTo’.​


‘ThePowerTo’ - HOW we do what we do​

We are all – storytellers and fact presenters, architects and craftsmen, angels and devil's advocates of our own ideas. And we bring in many different perspectives. Before for example Stephanie became a business consultant and executive coach she worked as a journalist and director and told stories about inevitable change, inner strength and solidary. She led teams, editorial offices and whole productions, as well as later change managements teams and transformation projects. 

We think holistically based on many years of experience in various roles and functions and also build on a broad network of partners. We are mercilessly honest [but always appreciative], clear in our communication [but always listing and adjusting] and stand for humor [with no but]. And even more important – we are comfortable in uncomfortable situations and will support you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, too.​

We support individuals, teams and organizations to find individual answers and solutions to their specific goal or challenge. Answers and solutions that enable them to grow and transform not as a goal, often in more ways than expected. More information under ‘Solutions’.