Founder & Managing Partner

Stephanie Schmelcher-Mändle

My Mission

My mission in everything I do, as consultant, coach, moderator and human being, is to enable people to have a positive and healthy relationship with themselves and others. To realize their full potential, to own it, to live up to it and to enjoy it.

My Story

I am more than only a coach or consultant. I am a woman with real life experience as career-mum, as leader and entrepreneur. One of my co-facilitators once told me that she had the feeling of being in a room with a minimum of six different Stephanies taking turns on the stage, each with different expertise, each bringing a different dynamic and energy into the room: the curious journalist, the analytical consultant, the inspirational facilitator, the skilled communication expert, the empathic coach, and the “enough is enough” general. I love that picture as it really captures who I am and what I do:
I dance with you in the moment bringing in my whole wardrobe of ‘hats’. I invite you, our clients, to bring in everything that you have ever learnt and experienced and I do the same. Together we find your goal, your rhythm and your way. Not my way, not the way a thousand others have walked on before, no, your way. I do this by asking a lot of questions on many different levels and by using a palette of tools and methods – tried and tested, pragmatic and creative - enabling you to find as much insight as you can and dare. By the way: Finding out whatever it is you ‘need’ to dare is part of our journey.

My Experience
  • Longtime experience as manager, project leader and consultative coach for leadership, collaboration, conflicts and agile transformation in e.g. international banking, industrial corporations, former IT Start-Ups and the German “Mittelstand”
  • Plenty of formations that unleash their potential only through the experience mentioned above: Journalist, PR-Consultant, Co–active Coach, Certified Systemic Business Coach (by dvct), Certified Scrum Master® (by the Scrum Alliance®) & Master Agile Coach®, Accredited INSIGHTS MDI® Consultant)
  • Designer, facilitator and key speaker and for large group events