Founder & Managing Partner

Susanne Klinke

My Mission
My mission is to help growing organizations by establishing a culture characterized by the curiosity about other points of view and the desire to use this for enhancing the quality of one’s own work. ​
My Story
Working as a consultant and coach, I am helping to empower companies, teams, and individuals. For this, I am happy to leverage my management and leadership experience which taught me to identify the ’elephant in the room’, to wipe a bloody nose and move on (today this is called resilience) and to know what is beneficial and what maybe obstructive when working together with you on finding the right solution for you.​ I always loved exploring what’s on the other side of the street, which ultimately led to me putting my feet into different worlds. From international corporate organizations to management consulting to startup world, I was responsible for built-up, scaling, reorganization and transformation and led people and organization teams. So as a consultant and coach I wear very different hats, shaped by the experience of diverse organizational structures, corporate cultures and fields of activity.​ Together, we will work on what is really important for you – for this I will not only bring my experience but also my passion to drive things forward and my belief in the power of human connections, listening and humor.​
My Experience
  • 20 years business executive and management consultant experience in international blue chip & startup companies across industries​ (e.g. Consumer Goods, Health Care, Management Consulting)
  • Own track record in business development and transformation at strategic and operational level incl. organizational development, corporate culture, digitalization​
  • Business Executive, Management Consultant, Transformation and Culture Change Expert, Leadership & Team Coach, Stakeholder Communication, Certified Systemic Business Coach (dvct) & Agile Leader, Mentor, Moderator​, Speaker